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36.25684302694023, 28.153221129323356
+30 22410 56348

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Food / Services
Alessandra Maccabeo
2015-08-10 11:03:25
Terrible experience. Scooters had lots of problems, price was far higher than the average and the renter doesn't know what courtesy and good manners are. I absolutely do not recommend this place.
Lorenzo Ape
2015-08-03 13:57:09
Not happy at all with the service. The price was higher than the average and the mopeds had lots of problems. Moreover the hirer didn't try in any way to make them work better and charged us 150€ for a useless piece of plastic we didn't brake. Stay away from it.
Stefania Barkoula
2015-08-03 13:51:33
I was really disappointed when I asked for a pink scooter and they answered me that they didn't have one.
Giorgos Samaras
2015-08-03 11:22:54
I was recommended and i trusted. I had to pay 25 euros/day for a scooter with lots of problem. I found out later that the average price is 20. Don't be as stupid as i was, choose another place. U r welcome :)
Francesco Carloni
2015-08-03 11:05:59
Scooters had a lot of problems and price was high. We also had to pay 120€ for a broken piece of plastic, when we checked on the net the effective price of the new item was 31€. Terrible experience, I'd never recommend this place.