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Welcome to Rhodes, welcome home (most visitors caled it home) the capital of Dodecanese. The sunniest corner in Greece with longest summer period, with a medieval treasure beautifully preserved throughout the centuries. Wander around its magnificent Old City, surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates, and admire the Palace of the Grand Master, the most awe- inspiring building in the whole island.

Take a romantic stroll around the famous Street of the Knights and feel like a holy warrior in shining armour, or a noble princess. Peer into the historic past of the city with a visit to the Archaeological Museum.

Mandráki, the (ancient) harbour, is distinguished from the outer harbour by the 3 windmills and the fortifications at the end of the dock. During your quest, you will encounter some of the city’s most remarkable buildings: the National Theatre, the Courts, the City Hall and the Governors Palace.

Visit stunning wonders of nature, such as the Seven Springs, the Valley of the Butterflies and Rodíni Park, a green valley with running waters, small bridges and many peacocks, the trademark of the park!

Get a deeper insight into the rich history of the island through your visit to the breathtaking Acropolis of Líndos and Ialissós as well as Ancient Kámiros, which were all powerful cities in ancient times. Well-preserved castles, like the ones of Kritinia and Monólithos are also waiting to be discovered!

Don’t forget to come back in spring to attend one of the most famous medieval festivals in Greece, the Sound and Light Festival, a visual extravaganza that you cannot afford to miss.

Rhodes large and cosmopolitan island awaiting to offer you strong, and treasured memories. Just take your pick

Rhodes Restaurants,Nightlife,Shopping,Hotels,Car-Moto Rentals

Rhodes Restaurants,Nightlife,Shopping,Hotels,Car-Moto Rentals


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